Jackson Chess Club ladder match

A Ladder Match is a form of competition where each player is assigned a rung (rank). A lower number means higher rung on the ladder (better position). The goal of the competition is to move up the Ladder, ultimately to the #1 position (highest rank). Players move up the Ladder (improve their rank) by winning Ladder games. Players move down the Ladder (lose their rank) when they lose Ladder games, and when other players move up the Ladder ahead of them.

Both players must know this is a Ladder Match. You may not play a Ladder Match during a scheduled tournament.

Anyone may issue a challenge to another player as long as they are no more than 2 rungs away from the other player (this number may increase based on participation)  on the ladder at that current time. Normally the player that is lower on the ladder will be the one issuing the challenge.

One may decline the challenge if :

  • You have already played this person within a 1 week period
  • You have already played 2 match games within 1 week
  • You have already accepted a challenge and are waiting on that match
  • You have just finished a match that day

Two people may not play each other again until one of the players has played another person.

All games will be over the board (no online play) USCF rated, so USCF rules apply such as touch move, draw with insufficient material, etc…

Time controls will be decided by the players. Any USCF time control is acceptable although anything less than G/30 would not be advised. These games will be sent in as duel rated. Players should draw for color.

If the player that is higher on the ladder wins, or there is a draw there is no change. If the player that is lower on the ladder wins, they will take the place of the higher player and that player will go down one spot on the ladder.

The purpose for the ladder match is to promote more rated chess games, if someone cannot be contacted for challenges over an extended period of time they will lose their position on the ladder.

There is no cost for joining the ladder match, it does cost however to rate games. USCF charges 25cents per game with a minimum of $3.00 Please split the cost between players. I will also try to bundle in as many as possible to lower costs.

If someone new wishes to join the ladder match they may challenge anyone on the bottom 3 positions of the ladder.